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Bringing ideas to life is extremely satisfying. When it involves an app or website, the first steps can be overwhelming. This is where great ideas can get stuck.

Here's where I can help. My code and design skills, gets you past the initial hurdles. Together we can build momentum in the app and website development process, so that you can show the world your app, your idea… your passion.

With recent examples of my work, you can determine if the energy and care I put into these ideas, complements the passion you have for yours. Reach out to me when you are ready to change the world but just don't know where to start.

Recent Projects

A hobby that helps local charities.

An enthusiastic knitter uses a two-punch technique to please those who purchase her articles and support local charities. Visit the website here.

How did we turn her idea into a working concept and website?
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Showcase knitting pieces and offer an easy way for visitors to show their interest in a item. Allowing an option to support one of three charities when ordering.

Knitting pieces are made and sold frequently. Manually keeping the website up to date and passing information via email was a time consuming task.

To keep the website up to date, I scripted a backend administration site which allows Anita to upload images and details of her newest creations with a form. Now it only takes a slight adjustment on the front end for the new articles to appear on the website and get registered in the backend database. Optimising the process and saving time for both webmaster and the artist.

A traveler brings the world closer through postcards.

Exploring distant cities and meeting new people, is on the top of her list of things to do. This passionate traveler combines the two with a postcard trading WebApp. Visit her site here.

What technologies did we use and why? Click '

Bring thousands of postcards out of storage boxes and display on an interactive map so that Tanja can share and enjoy her collection and hobby with others.

1) Create a fluid, responsive map with search, zoom and 2D/3D viewing functionality in order to quickly locate and visualise individual postcards from Tanja's collection.
2) Make the site accessible and optimised for different screen sizes while on the go.

1) API's and a structured directory are the keystones of this website. I created Php scripts which tap into TomTom's developer API's to geo-locate cities and visualise them on an API based, interactive map. The raw data [city, country, postcard files] is part of a structured directory which Tanja has full control over, allowing for quick and easy additions to the site.
2) I turned the website into a responsive webApp. iOS users can create an icon on their home screen. With one click, they can access the site with maximum screen space, removing the tabs and buttons that are normally visualised when using modern web browsers.

Spreading happiness.

Traveling for the holidays can bring your spirits down, long lines, heavy suitcases, etc., but not if you are at Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. KLM staff come together to sing festive songs from around the world to lighten the spirit. Visit the Bluebirds website here.

How do we document the event and distribute the music? Click the 'read more…' button for details.

A site for the Bluebirds to share and review their previous performances, with 'members only' access for distributing sheet music to the different voice groups.

1) The video playback must adjust its steam quality dependent on the device and connection speed.
2) Sheet music must be shared efficiently to Bluebird members for home study.

1) Uploading the video's to the Vimeo service and embedding the playback code into the website provides the viewer with the best possible quality based on their device and connection, while not requiring them to sign up to Vimeo or leave the website to view a performance.
2) A 'Members Only', password protected page allows the Director to upload sheet music. Php scripts allow for these files to be compressed and downloaded by Bluebird members for home and individual study.

Where do you want to go?

I have countless other examples of my work with PHP, Mysql, web design, video editing, problem solving and iOS app development.
Let me know where you want to go. We can dive deep into solutions I found for similar situations, in my work and/or personal life. To start a conversation just click the button below.

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